Nellore is famous for paddy cultivation. It is also known for aquaculture along the Bay of Bengal. It is called the cradle of Indian aquaculture. The Flamingo Festival is celebrated in this district's famous bird sanctuary at Nelapattu. There are many places of historical importance in Nellore, the Ranganayakula Temple on the bank of the river Penna, the Udayagiri fort, the Narasimha Konda, Penchala kona, Venkatagiri fort, Mypadu beach, famous rocket launching center at Sriharikota, the Krishnapatnam port, Nelapattu etc. Major cities in the district are Nellore, Kavali and Gudur.


Nellore these days expanded enormously. Krishnapatnam is a major port and market center situated at a distance of 20 km. The port is hoped to become a world-class deep water port. Iron ore and granite are being exported at present to other countries like China. One Railway line links it with Vekatachalam on main railway line. An International Leather park will start working soon at Krishnapatnam. A railway line is being constructed from Krishnapatnam to Obulavari palle to link up this port with Mumbai Railway line. Construction of two Ultra Mega Power Projects with the capacity of 4000 MW each at Krishnapatnam is going on. Recently Central government gave clearance to IFFCO fertilizer factory at Regadi Chelika near Nellore. Central government is also planning to setup a 'Petro Chemical Terminal' at Krishnapatnam. Proximity to the sea as well as its central location in this agricultural heartland has helped Nellore to grow. But lack of vision in past rulers and in present ones is hampering the growth. Nellore is also famous for quality rice production and aqua (prawn and fish) culture. It is a noted center for products such as cotton, lemon and oilseeds. A main railway line passes through Nellore and national highway number 5 serves the city. It offers the visitor a few good religious sites to visit as well as a pristine beach, Kotha Koduru nearby. The nearest international airports are Renigunta and Chennai. Air Deccan is going to setup an airport near Nellore city. Construction work of two textile parks at Menakur near Nayudupet will start soon. Tada is at a distance of 80 km from Nellore with new industrial ventures like the Adidas factory and Tata's Leather park. Venkatagiri is selected for construction of a Textile Park.

Nellore people love it for many reasons, one of them being culture and nature and nostalgia. Though many make fun of the rural Nellore Telugu accent, almost every one likes Nellorians for their lavishness. Most are happy-go-lucky and take-it-easy types, and there are enough who are highly ambitious and hard working to make Nellore a much spoken about place. Nellorians in general are respected in other places worldwide. Residents of Nellore are friendly and supportive.