Educational Institutions

Veda and Sanskrit college, V.R. College, C.A.M High School and ABM High Schools RSR Municipal High Schools are the oldest educational institution in Nellore town. They were originally affiliated with either Madras University or Andhra University. Now the colleges have become part of S.V. University. The next college that came into existence was Sarvodaya college, opposite to RTC Bus stand.

On the other hand, providing educational facilities to rural areas is largely confined to the shelves of the Andhra Pradesh Government. As of 2006 Srinivasa Degree College is the only degree level college to be set up in Kovur mandal since India's Independence in 1947. A few ancient colleges which have contributed education to Nellore are

·         Veda and Sanskrit college and school - The theosophist refers to visit of Dr.Annie besant and establishment of vedic school which later became a college.

·         Venkatagiri Raja's College(VRC) and high school : This is an aided college and the High school, The assets are once donated by Raja of Venkatagiri way back in 1885 due to the efforts of their dewan sri sunku Narayana swami chetty B.A., who is the founder of the high school in 1875. This humble beginning has grown to its peak during the years 1950-1985 with all combinations of groups, giving the best education. Due to the privatization policy of the Govt. during early 1990 it started loosing its glory and could not with stand the competition and striving hard for its present position in vain. Now it remains as a land mark in nellore town. The efforts are to be made to revive its past glory from its old students or alumni.

·         Narayana Engineering College, Nellore

·         Narayana Medical College, Nellore

·         Narayana Engineering College, Gudur

·         Audisankara Engineering College, Gudur

·         Quba Engineering College, Gudur

·         Sarvodaya College, Near RTC

·         KAC Govt Degree College

·         Sana College of Computer Studies

·         Sri Venugopala Swamy College of arts and science (SVGS)

·         Dodla Kousalyamma Women's College (DKW), Podalakur Road

·         St.Peters High School, 

·         St.Johns English Medium High School

·         St.Joseph's English Medium High School

·         V.R. Children's Academy

·         V.R PG College, Complex Road 

·         V.R Law College, Complex Road

·         Sarvodaya PG Centre, Trunk Road

·         Govt Women's Polytechnic College, Opp. Bollineni Hospital

·         Agriculture Polytechnic College

·         Fishery Sciences College

·         Govt ITI College